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By partnering with us, you'll gain access to exclusive job opportunities in renowned hospitals and medical centers that prioritize employee growth and satisfaction. Our dedicated team of recruitment experts will work closely with you to understand your unique preferences and requirements, ensuring that you find a role that aligns with your goals and values.

Retail / Clinics

Are you an Optical Technician seeking new opportunities in the dynamic world of retail optics? At Verovian, we specialize in connecting talented optical professionals like you with top-tier optical retail stores across the country. Our expertise and extensive network in the optical industry ensure that we can find the perfect match for your skills, experience, and career aspirations.

Manufacturing / Optical Lab

By partnering with Verovian Optical Agency, you'll gain access to exclusive job opportunities in cutting-edge optical laboratories and manufacturing plants that prioritize employee growth and satisfaction. Our dedicated team of recruitment experts will work closely with you to understand your unique preferences and requirements, ensuring that you find a role that aligns with your goals and values


We support with highly competitive travel contracts and locum duties. Travel, accommodation and daily meals paid - tax free!
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Our specialized knowledge and far-reaching connections in the healthcare sector ensure that we find the ideal opportunity to match your skillset, experience, and career objectives. When you join us as optical technician, you'll unlock access to exclusive job openings in esteemed hospitals and medical centers that emphasize employee development, satisfaction, and a healthy work-life balance.
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Our team of recruitment specialists will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your unique needs and desires, making certain that your new role aligns seamlessly with your aspirations. At Verovian Optical Agency, we're committed to delivering a tailored approach to the recruitment process. Our team will offer you comprehensive support—from polishing your resume to coaching you for interviews—ensuring that you can confidently highlight your skills and expertise to prospective employers.

Retail or Community

Do you have roles, demand and tasks for ARRS to complete but you are struggling for space? We have great news! VI Hubs are in the NorthEast England and Kent to accommodate your workforce with us. Your pharmacists can work in these collaborative offices, receiving support from other experienced healthcare professionals on site.
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With our delivery model, distance is no longer a barrier in getting the best team members for your practice. Your technicians or pharmacists will work solely for your practice as part of your team. They also have the advantage of working with other healthcare professionals at our hub for efficient service delivery.


Hybrid working provides both pharmacy professionals and the primary care practice with more flexibility in where and how they work, while still enabling them to collaborate and connect with colleagues in-person when needed. Hybrid working can take different forms depending on the needs of your practice and the preferences of the pharmacy professionals. For example, pharmacists might work from our hub for two or three days a week and then come into your practice for the remaining days, when you have a free consultation room.
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Hybrid working in primary care is a flexible work arrangement that allows pharmacy professionals to balance their work lives more effectively, while still providing the benefits of on-site work, such as collaboration, social interaction, and access to resources and equipment.

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Resume Review
Career Matching
Interview Preparation
Locum or Permanent Placements
We know that meeting QOF targets can be a challenge for primary care practices, especially with the increasing demands on healthcare services. In addition to recruiting the right pharmacy professional, we also provide ongoing support to help maximize your QOF incentive. We can help you analyze your data, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for meeting your QOF targets
Our team of experienced recruiters works closely with PCNs to understand their specific needs and requirements. We provide skilled and experienced pharmacists who can support the delivery of specific services, optimise care, and improve patient outcomes. By partnering with us, PCNs can increase their revenue streams and provide the best possible care to their patients.
We are committed to helping GP practices increase their DES performance. In addition to recruiting the right skilled and experienced pharmacist, who can support with structured medication review or patient clinic - Our team can work with you to develop efficient workflows, streamline your practice management processes, and provide staff training to ensure that everyone on your team is working towards the same goal. By partnering with us, you can increase your DES performance and provide the best possible care to your patients. At Verovian, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.
Our pharmacists have a deep understanding of the IIF payment model and the requirements for meeting the quality measures set out in the framework. They have a proven track record of success in helping GP practices achieve IIF targets related to improving medication safety, promoting health and well-being, managing long-term conditions, delivering enhanced services, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals. We also provide ongoing support to help our clients maximise their IIF performance by analysing your data, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for meeting your IIF targets

Other Services

At Verovian Pharmacy Agency, we can support in recruiting healthcare professionals (Occupational therapists, Nurses and Podiatrist) as part of the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) services. The healthcare professionals can work from your practice; however if you do not have the physical space, they can work from our HUB. Additionally, we can provide the services here on behalf of your GP Practice to your patients.
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Verovian consultancy provides recruitment solutions both for NHS and healthcare clients and candidates to find the perfect fit for both parties throughout the United Kingdom. We cover permanent, contract and temporary roles, so call us or email us now to fulfil your requirements in all sectors throughout the UK.


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