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The field of optometry is experiencing a notable and growing trend, marked by shifts in how optometrists approach their careers. This trend is characterized by an increasing number of optometrists choosing locum tenens or temporary positions over traditional, full-time roles. The appeal of flexibility, diverse experiences, and the opportunity for professional growth has led to a rise in optometrists opting for locum tenens work. This evolving trend reflects a changing landscape within the optometry field, where practitioners are seeking more dynamic and adaptable career paths to meet their individual needs and preferences. In this guide, we will be looking extensively at the benefits and the challenges of being a locum optometrist in the UK.

The Benefit of Pursuing a Locum Career 

  • Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of working as a Locum is the flexibility it offers. You can choose where and when you work, allowing you to balance your professional and personal life more effectively and efficiently. 
  •  Financial Potentials: Depending on demand and your availability, working as a Locum is rewarding. You may have the chance to negotiate your rates and earn a higher income compared to a full-time optometrist.
  • Skills Development: Handling different cases and working in diverse settings strengthens your adaptability. You will encounter various eye conditions and challenges, prescriptions, and patient demography, expanding your clinical expertise.
  • Networking: working as a Locum Professional allows you to connect with different professionals and dedicated consultants in the optical field. Whether learning from experienced Optometrist or discovering potential job openings, networking can lead to valuable and long-lasting opportunities.

The Challenges Encountered by Individuals in the Locum Optometry Field

  • Uncertain Schedule: While enjoying flexibility can be considered a benefit, the uncertainty of your work can sometimes be challenging. Our Recruitment Agency is dedicated to assisting you in achieving a harmonious balance between your shift and desired locations, all through the implementation of efficient time management.
  • Inconsistent Income: Strategic planning and precise budgeting hold significant importance, as your earnings can vary according to demand and your schedule. This understanding is crucial to our agency as we stand to negotiate favorably on your behalf.  
  • Limited Benefit: Unlike permanent positions, locum roles might not offer the same benefits package which may include insurance, retirement plan, sick pay, or paid-off time.

Strategies for Enhancing your Locum Career.

  • Stay organized: Keep a proper and well-detailed schedule, and track your assignments, payments, and expenses. This will help you manage your finances and plan. 
  • Networking: Make use of the networking opportunity presented by your varied work environments. Meet and connect with colleagues and employers to build professional relationships.
  • Continuous Education: continuing professional development and keeping up to date with the latest advancements in Optometry through workshops, seminars, and online courses. This will ensure you provide the best care to your patients. In the optical field, the GOC makes it essential for all Professionals to undertake CPD. 
  • Being Part of an agency like Verovian  Recruitment Agency can profoundly impact your locum career. With access to diverse opportunities, tailored support, and seamless placements, the agency enhances your professional journey. Register with us at and experience a dynamic and fulfilling locum career, backed by the expertise and resources of a trusted recruitment partner.

Finally, It is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance and set boundaries to prevent burnout.


Embracing this role can open the door to a fulfilling career, particularly for individuals pursuing flexibility, and diverse experiences across the UK to broaden their professional connections. With a clear grasp of both the merits and potential challenges of this journey, connect with our Optical Agency to help you make a knowledgeable decision that will match your professional ambition and personal aspiration as a Locum.

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