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The Enriching Experience of a Locum Optometrist


The concept of permanent optometrist jobs is now transforming, locum optometrist positions are gradually taking over. This career path has been progressing lately. Many optometrists and those who are just starting their careers are finding it more comfortable than a permanent job. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why you should work as a locum optometrist, and how you can make the most of your locum experience.

Why You Should Work as a Locum Optometrist

Optometrists, male and female optometrist, optometrist in an optical clinc, male and female optometrist in an optical clinic, optometrists smiling in an optical clinic
  • High rate of payment: One of the main advantages of locuming as an optometrist is the high rates of pay. In most cases, locum optometrists get higher pay than permanent optometrists because experts are employed and they are expected to work with little or no supervision. Employers believe they are paying for experts, so you will be expected to act like one from day one. You get good pay for your expertise and availability.
  • Diverse Experience: As a Locum Optometrist, you will often find yourself working in different optical centers and clinics which allows you to gain more exposure to various clinical settings, learn new things that will help you expand your knowledge, and network with others.
  • Flexibility: Locuming provides the flexibility to choose when and where you work. This allows you to allocate time for personal interests, passions, family, friends, and health or fitness pursuits.  As a result, it fosters a more balanced work-life dynamic.
  • Professional Development: Locum Optometrists who work in different practices engage in continuous learning and are better equipped to assess and adopt new technologies, diagnose conditions accurately, and provide the most effective and safe treatments. This makes their skills remain relevant and up-to-date. Continuous professional development is often a requirement for maintaining professional certifications and licenses. Regularly updating skills ensures that locum optometrists remain in compliance with industry standards and optical regulatory bodies' requirements like GOC (General Optical Council).

Making the Most of Your Locum Experience

Optometrists, male and female optometrist, optometrist in an optical clinc, male and female optometrist in an optical clinic, optometrists smiling in an optical clinic
  • Research and Preparation: Research the organization and its traditions, and familiarize yourself with policies, protocols, and how they operate before accepting the work assignments. This enables you to be more prepared to carry out your assignments effectively. Registering with our Optical  Locum Agency enables you to get all the essential information you need to know about the organization’s policies and the way they operate. This spares you the effort of independently discovering all the necessary details.

  • Communication: It is important to have clear and concise communication with the lead team of the organization. Ask questions about the things you don't understand and discuss your roles, pay rates, bonuses, and expectations. As a reputable Optical Recruitment Agency in the UK, we take it upon ourselves to find out about the organization or employer our registered members are about to work for to ensure they have a smooth working system.
  • Lifelong Learning: Be updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry. Establish new knowledge in your work, enhancing your value as a professional locum optometrist. This allows you to expand your expertise in your profession.
  • Build Your Portfolio: Combine all your multiple experiences, positive feedback, and interpersonal and acquired skills into a compelling portfolio. This can serve as a testament to your adaptability and competency to future employers.
  • Financial Planning: As a locum optometrist, developing a financial plan to manage the income fluctuations that may come with locum work is important. Financial plan development is a dynamic process that requires ongoing attention and collaboration with a financial advisor. By combining budgeting, risk management, tax planning, and strategic investments, you can navigate the challenges of variable income while working toward long-term financial security and success

  • Education and Career Progression: Invest in your own career progression to enhance your skills and potentially increase your earning potential. Budget for relevant courses, conferences, or certifications that can contribute to your career growth.

  • Market Yourself: Develop a professional online presence through a personal website or social media account to showcase your skills, experience, and testimonials. Stay connected with us on our social media platforms at Verovian Optical Recruitment Agency on Facebook and LinkedIn to get the latest job updates and tips on how to thrive in your career as a locum optometrist.  

As a well-recognized Locum Optical Recruitment Agency in the UK, we specialize in matching Locum Optometrists with suitable job opportunities based on their skills, qualifications, and preferences. We save them the time and effort of searching for positions that align with their expertise.

We have extensive networks with optical organizations and employers. This broad reach increases the chances of locum optometrists finding diverse job opportunities in various locations.

Additionally, we assist in negotiating contracts, ensuring that our registered members receive fair compensation and favorable terms. This can be especially beneficial for those who may be unfamiliar with the negotiation process.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a newly qualified optometrist, If you value flexibility, diverse experience, and networking opportunities, consider locum positions, and embrace the enriching and fulfilling career opportunity. 

Think of us as your Locum Optical Recruitment Agency to expand your career progression.

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